Harassment/Bullying/Intimidation Reporting

Harassment, bullying, and intimidation is defined by the Ohio Revised Code as an “intentional written, verbal, graphic, physical or electronic act that a student or group of students exhibited toward the alleged victim more than once; and the behavior both causes mental or physical harm to the other student, and is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for the other student (ORC3313.666) and that false reports will result in disciplinary action pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct that may include, but not limited to: detention, suspension, and/or expulsion depending on the circumstances.

If you have been the victim, or know of a victim, who is suffering harassment, bullying or intimidation as defined above, please use the incident report form provided on the right to make a report.  Reports should be turned in to the building principal of the victim.  If you wish to report anonymously, please mail the completed form to the appropriate principal.


STOPit App Provides a Way to Anonymously Report Bullying

Toronto Jr.-Sr. High School uses the STOPit app. The STOPit mobile app provides a safe, anonymous way for students to report any issue that can negatively impact the learning environment such as bullying, violence, drugs/alcohol use, self-harm, or hazing. The app enables students to report this type of activity through text messages, photos, or videos. Students can download the STOPit app free from iTunes or Google Play.  Then students will use the access code TJSHSGoKnights to activate the STOPit app for Toronto Jr.-Sr. High School.       

SaferOH Tip Line

The Toronto City School District is registered with the SaferOH Tip Line. The anonymous tip line service is provided free of charge to Ohio schools.  It enables students and adults to report any threat to school safety with law enforcement and school officials by calling or texting 1-844-SaferOH (1-844-723-3764). When a call or text is received on the SaferOH tip line, the Ohio Homeland Security Threat Assessment and Prevention Team Analyst determines if the reported tip is criminal or non-criminal in nature.  If it is a criminal/terrorist threat, local law enforcement, public safety officials, and other state or federal law enforcement agencies, and the Ohio Department of Education analyst, as needed.  If it is a non-criminal threat, notifications are sent to the Ohio Department of Education analyst, school administrators, and local school resource officers.