Athletic Hall of Fame

Toronto High School Athletic Hall of Fame

The Toronto High School Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2000 by the Toronto Boosters Club for the purpose of recognizing and appropriately honoring the achievements of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the athletic program while attending Toronto Junior-Senior High School and/or following graduation. Members were inducted in 2000 and 2001.  The Hall of Fame was reinstated in 2014. There are thirty-eight members (2000: 15 members; 2001: 6 members; 2014: 6 members; 2016: 5 members, 2018: 6 members including the 1998 State Championship Baseball Team)and 2020: 6 members including the 1948 undefeated football team; 2023: 6 members including the 1974 Undefeated Red Knight Football Team. An induction ceremony is held every two years with the next one scheduled for September of 2025.  Nomination forms must be submitted to ATTN: Hall of Fame Committee, Toronto Jr.-Sr. High School, 1305 Dennis Way, Toronto, OH 43964 by March 31, 2025 to be included in the Fall 2025 selection process. All previous nomination forms are kept on file for consideration.

Candidates for the Toronto Junior-Senior High School Athletic Hall of Fame may be student-athletes, coaches, and/or athletic administrators who meet the following eligibility guidelines for consideration.

a. Student-athletes have exhibited outstanding performance as an individual or as a member of an athletic team representing Toronto Junior-Senior High School and/or at a collegiate or professional level.

b. Coach and/or athletic administrator who meets the requirements of item a. above. 

c. Candidates must be out of the school system for at least five years.

d. Special category provisions are made for individuals who may have not been graduates of Toronto Junior-Senior High School but have in other ways shown devotion to and helped support and bring recognition to the athletic programs of Toronto Junior-Senior High School.

The Hall of Fame committee will be responsible for soliciting nominations from as many sources as possible in order to insure a fair and equitable consideration of all potential Hall of Fame candidates. The committee shall consist of five members: the high school principal, athletic directors (junior high and high school), and two members of the Toronto Board of Education who are assigned to the athletic committee.