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The cornerstone Federal legislation for the education of students with disabilities is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. IDEIA ensures the provision of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE)for every student who qualifies under the Federal Law and corresponding federal and state regulations.

Our goal is to work with parents/guardians to help ensure that every child experiences success in the Toronto City School District. Any parent who thinks their child is having difficulty within the general education setting should first make contact with their child’s teacher.  The district encourages parents to notify the school principal (Betsy Jones/THS/740-537-2442 or Annie Silverthorn/KES/740-537-2471)  or the Director of Special Programs (Willy Luther/740-537-2456 x210) if they suspect their child has a disability that may interfere with their child’s ability to progress in the general education environment.

Response to Intervention Model

Toronto City School District utilizes the Response to Intervention Model (RTI), for at risk learners, and makes every effort to work with any student having difficulty in the general education classroom. This process includes the utilization of an Intervention Assistance Team (IAT). The IAT is intended to serve as a vehicle to intervene for students who are struggling in school.  An IAT meeting can be called by any member of the team to discuss concerns about a student’s behavior, academic performance, medical needs, or social relationships and to provide support for a teacher, parent, or other caregiver that has concerns about a student and wants assistance. The Intervention Assistance Team shall consist of the following members: parent, referred student’s teachers, Intervention Specialist/Special Education Department Chair, Parent, Building principal, *Director of Special Programs, *Speech Therapist or other specialists, and **School psychologist. *As appropriate. Toronto City Schools will employ a three step model for the IAT process.

Step 1: Classroom-based interventions are attempted and monitored.

Step 2: Referral to the IAT (If classroom-based interventions are not successful)

Step 3: Referral for a multi-factored evaluation to determine eligibility for special education. (If IAT research-based interventions are unsuccessful)


Child Find

Ongoing efforts are made by the Toronto City School District to locate and evaluate children ages birth through 21 years of age, who reside within the district and have a confirmed or suspected disability in accordance with federal and state standards. Parents, relatives, agency personnel, and concerned citizens may refer any child (birth through 21) who may qualify for special education and related services. Anyone aware of a child who may have special needs living within the district is asked to call the Director of Special Programs at (740) 537-2456.

Invitation for Public Suggestions and Comments

The Toronto City School District prepares annual IDEA and preschool disabilities applications and seeks input and suggestions from members of the community as part of this process. IDEA-B is a federal program which provides funding for the education of students with disabilities. The preschool disabilities grant provides federal funds for the education of children with disabilities ages 3-5.  Annually, at the September Board of Education meeting, discussion will be held regarding how the District will spend its IDEA-B funds and time will be allowed for public comment. The meeting is held the third Thursday of the month at 5:00PM in the Toronto Jr.-Sr. High School library. If you have any suggestions or input can also be submitted to the Director of Special Programs at 740-537-2456 x210 or via mail to Toronto City School District, Special Education Department, 1307 Dennis Way, Toronto, OH 43964.  

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